Why do I run?

The very reason of writing it down is to discover why do I run and understand what has kept me committed for such a long time (now almost 6 months), coz knowing myself I don’t usually do things for a long time.. I get bored or tired and the motivation level goes down in the course of the activity

Well, my preliminary thesis is that I find running sexy, I like to visualize myself running long and hard in tough conditions… I have seen many images of people though and want to be part of the same.

But can a sense of imagination can make me run consistently for 6 months – all the sweat, pain, tiredness, early morning wake up calls hasn’t been able to deter this.. I am impressed!

So I figured out that this may not be the sole motivating factor for me to continue this… what else?

Well few things come to my mind, which are

a)    Read about various people and their constant never-ending affairs with running…those long runs where one is supposedly in state of nirvana, in perfect peace with oneself.. I long for that to happen

I run to remove all the negative thoughts I have in my mind… which have become a constant companion and have taken away my peace and happiness… I have been fighting them for a long time and with some success… thought running would help me to do it more effectively… I do admit that while running I am so focused on my goal and nature; that these thoughts do take up the back seat for few moments. There are moments which makes the body and mind in sync and that’s the moment, where I things begin to look up. Happens rarely though

b)    I admit I do try to enjoy the lovely weather, the sky before the dawn and also the entire performance of the sun capturing my part of the globe, the openness around, blah blah….

Please note that I try to enjoy, it doesn’t come naturally to me, coz these things are meant to be felt and relished at, I also do it… my mind is no more attuned to feel relaxed and happy, I try to make it – but again I must admit that running provides me with this opportunity. Sometimes I do catch myself being enamored with these things without putting in effort, but then I check myself.. Hey Amit.. cool, but all other gory details in my life are waiting to take over your thoughts, don’t put them off… Ahhhhhhhh.. I hate this moments

c)    Group running and training has played a pivotal role in sustaining it for so long.. seeing other people run better, faster and longer than me does fill me with sense of competition and envy, makes me work slightly harder so that I can reach their levels

Being a super achiever which I think as I am (yeah Amit… Reggie personified) all my running milestones have not impressed me yet… every increase in my milestones (from 3-4km to 21km), I was always dissatisfied.. I should have done better, faster.. I should have been able to complete the same without feeling much pain.. I should have done this, should have done that… come on Amit… take a chill pill – I tell myself at times, but somehow my mind doesn’t agree.. I guess I am afraid to feel happy about my achievements; coz somewhere at the back of my mind I feel that this may backfire and there may be plenty of reasons I will be sad about…

But there are few runs, which I am happy about… in which I have been able to surprise myself by doing speed, which I never thought I could do…

Most importantly – running has re- instilled the fighting spirit in me; I tell myself

“I shall die here but not stop until I finish so and so kilometers…”

“Come one Amit… few more minutes… you will NOT stop”

Think I do manage to keep the promise 90% of the times.

I tell myself… “Boss you have done this from scratch – if you have managed do this, there is nothing impossible on earth for you, you can conquer the earth if you want”. But still the solid iron clad conviction has not come in yet. I need that same conviction in my other areas of life… I need it badly… coz I was like that – I knew I can conquer … BUT right now I am in a flux – in between.

Anyways think I shall continue to run till I get back to my old self – confident with self belief, knowing once more that “I can and I will”


Its an amazingly humane & natural show

Serial – The Mind of the married man 

Review : The mind of the married man talks about you and every other male on the earth. Its tries to conquer accurately the answer of the second most important question ’’What goes on in a guy’s mind!!’’ With woman all around are more than willing to frequently ’’repair your computer problems’’ ( Way to go Jake), its a tough ask to keep the sanctity of ones marriage or relationship.

The serial reflects upon the constant battle of the mind and the organ below the mind of a male, which I am sure we all men have been doing with various degrees of success in our lives. Men as we all know are by nature polygamous and polygamy in the mind is worse than actually doing it.

Another fact of life that the serial brings out is that Men Lie….its an inherent part of their nature…lie just not to protect their ass, but just lie… in order to make peace with their better halves.

The serial is excellently scripted and tries to explore the normal incidents that takes place in day to day life..

Its a must watch for all men in order to understand themselves better!


Pros : Excellent SCript
Cons: Camera and Sound work

Eleven Minutes of Truth

Book Review – Eleven Minutes, Coelho Paulo 

Hi folks,

I am writing this review coz all the other reivews leave a gap about the Book.

Well let us ask a very basic question..what is the book all about?

Is it about Maria- a woman who had seen and faced adversities of life?
Is it about finding happiness-which is individualistic in nature -for Maria it was true love?
Is it on how people see and live through a journey called life?

I believe that none of the above reflects the absolute sense on the object of the book.
Its about interpreting and living your life which is limited to the inadequate understanding, each one of us have .

It grapples to the question each one of us asks -Who I am, Am I doing what I am destined to do.. and who gets to decide my destiny–is it me or the world.

It tries to explore the above maladies of life through the life of Maria-a hooker. I guess none other than a prostitute would have been a better example coz she is the person who has her body and mind trampled time and again…but still has the hope of finding some one who could make her beautiful all over once again and fill here with innonence which she once had..

Arent we all trying to do that.. at various points of our life??
Arent we trying to shrug away our tensions and woes and seek something so beautiful who could take away the pain make you childlike again?

Arent we looking for true love, loads of money, power to ease away the burden of live that each one has to carry?

This book is about my friends.. and I am glad that someone has taken the trouble of writing about something which can be found in each of the human beings alive in this world today.

Eleven minutes is a source of inspiration to me… to discover and keep on discovering yourself untill you find the penultimate solution..




If this was true

Book Review – Da Vinci Code, Brown Dan 

Dear All,

This book reveals the most talked about secret in the world on Christanity. It is a brilliant piece of history mixed with fiction.

The book talks about Jesus being actually married to a lady called Mary Magdalene(MM) and had a offspring named ’’Sarah’’ and goes on to say that the lineage continues till today.
There is secret society formed 10 hundred

of years ago to protect the secret of MM and the holy grail which supposedly was used to collect Christ’s blood.

What is more significant in this book is the revealation of the history of Christanity and how the Vatican over the years have intentionally modified it to suit their own purposes.

Interestingly famous people like Netwon, etc and esp Lenonardo Da Vinci (LDC)have believed in MM and were part of the secret society to protect the grail and documents which should have been part of the holy bible. LDC’s drawings of Mona Lisa, the last supper, Madonna of the Rock, Virgin of the Rock reflects his beliefs in a very glaring manner.

I would also like to give a brief history on the holy grail

The myths and stories surrounding the lost Grail are very old–no one can say how old!–but it is assumed that the Grail was the vessel that once contained the blood of Christ. One story insists that the Grail is a cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, the Passover Supper celebrated in the upper room in Jerusalem on the night he was arrested. Another story says it was the cup held aloft by Joseph of Arimathea to catch streams of blood flowing from the wounds of the dying savior.

This book talks about that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and that their bloodline survived in Western Europe. The word ’’sangraal’’ had, it seems, been misunderstood. When the word was broken after the ’’n’’ (san graal) it was thought to mean ’’Holy Grail’’ but if it was broken after the ’’g’’ it rendered ’’sang raal,’’ which in Old French seems to mean ’’blood royal.’’ We are now faced with a legend that says that Mary Magdalene brought the ’’blood royal’’ to the coast of France in 42 A.D.

One does not carry the ’’blood royal’’ in an ointment jar with a lid. The blood of kings is carried in the veins of a child. And the ’’vessel’’ that once contained the ’’sang raal’’ was not an artifact, but rather, a woman –the Magdalene herself–the mother of a royal offspring.

Suddenly the ’’Grail’’ myth takes on an entirely different shape. No wonder the knights in armor sought in vain for the elusive artifact.

its a very interesting read and the added advantage is that the book is written as a thriller fiction which is very fast moving

I hope the real truth about Christanity to come out some day

A Must Read


What a Book!!!

Book Review – Love Story, Segal Eric 

Is this a book.. or  you are  watching someone -a very close friend going thru this.. or worse still..its happening in your life…! Becoz
Oliver is u..is me… he is everywhere and every man u know…coz he is human.. exactly like

feeling what we would have felt at various points of our life…
Feels like a jock..when he scores on women- we all do ( right!)
Feels like he is in heaven when he is in love
Feels very posssessive abt his loved ones
Feels strongly abt his parents-right or wrong
Feels troubled and hurt by the fact that Jenny cannot have babies- and not act gallant and be ok with it..
etc etc.. the list can go on… in short he is u and me as simple as that
Jenny the girl everyone want to have in ones life.. who loves u without any bullshit. Loves u the way u are and expects the same.. ( I wish  I have someone like that)

For those who havent read the book , I suggest that one should drop everythg on hand and read it first thing

For those u have read the book.. I would like to say that the Love Story is not about relationship of Oliver and Jenny…. SURPRISED

Its about Oliver’s father (OF) and Oliver.. Everything in the book is related to OF..

But the book teaches one..the real meaning of love.. being true to each other..simple

Cry, laugh, fight, bitch ard, but still die to be together.. thas love.

I have been reading this book along with its sequel Oliver Story since the last 8 years and have read it innumerable times.. and will be reading it a couple of hundred times more in my lifetime… coz every time I read it…. it teaches me something new abt life, love and relationship..  I guess  I am a slow learner..but  I sure like my books!

Must read


Love Doesnt Exist!

Movie – Gangster 

 Hi, Ganster is a movie which I had heard was one of the few good movies which has come recently, and hence decided to watch it.
I dont know what other people have understood about the movie, but for me the movies glaringly suggest one dirty truth of

life…. That there is no such thing called love, its all just a convinience game.
If I see a future with someone, I go along with the person, and dump my current mate. Hey hold on, I have been betrayed there, hence like all people should and would do is to go back to the previous mate, and imagine and make belief(yourself and not others) of the undying love you have for him/her once again and suffer! Gosh what hypocricy we all have….
But imagine if Avinash(Hasmi) didnt betray the woman in question, whether she would have gone back to her Gangster hubby???? She left him coz, she thought that there is better life waiting for her with Hasmi, hence, she falls in love with him, inspite of the fact that the Gangster chap is head over heels after her.
But alas, Hasmi doesnt care.. so what next girlie… Oh wait a moment I have someone in life whom I can always walk into and trample his ego once again, he wouldnt mind.. right… and he(Gangster) seriously doesnt mind..not coz he is love with her, but coz he has only her to look upto and no one else in life… I am sure he would have dumped her, if he also had the luxury of choice.
Comin back to where I started, I am sure, consicously or not, we all feel the same way at certain points in our lives. . les face and accept the same.. I am not shameful of accepting this fact coz I believe that by “what conceivable right can anyone demand that a human being exist for anything but his own joy?”

Call me a egotist, or a selfless human guy, but thats the basic fact of life..we are all stuck with the society, family, friends, lovers for whom u live for…. and living for them we all sometimes feel….ahhhhhhh…why

Now something abt the movie!!!

Plot’s good, the women is nice till the time she opens her mouth to talk and Daya(Gangster) intensity is well acted upon



Pain is Gain?

Get Set GO!!!!!!!!! 

I ran… with all enthusiasm and energy I had. My mind that time was untarnished by any fear or inhibitions. I was free as I could ever be… I was 8 years old.

I vaguely remember, we were having our P.T. Class in school, and the teacher wanted to identify potential sprinters for the upcoming annual sport.

First time I ran, I was wearing my boots; I finished at a forgetful number.

Ah, the guy who came in first…he isn’t wearing any thing on his feet. That’s it.  I must also run bare foot, it will be better.

So the next race, I was all set to run; barefoot. Now guys.. u watch out.. here I go…


I started my dream run… ahhhhhhhh, shit….. the pebbles, stones and god knows what suddenly made there presence felt and brutally attacked the palm of my feet. Oh, small, soft and protected feet of an 8 year old.

I couldn’t even finish the goddamn race, forget about acing it.

I was perplexed, this chap again came in first, why the hell the stones doesn’t bother him?? Is he used to it or coming first is only thing in his mind, so that he doesn’t care about the pain????

I haven’t asked him due to my pride, and till date I don’t know the answer also, but certainly this episode has taught something good.

Every one can have its own interpretations on the above, I did too!